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Jimmy Boswell
Birth Date: 13/03/1922
Birth Place: Chester
Position: Wing Half
Previous Club: Army
Next Club: Gravesend
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SeasonLgeLge GamesLge GoalsFAC GamesFAC GoalsFLC GamesFLC GoalsOther gamesOther goals
1944-45KLge D110000000
1945-46KLge D121000090
1946-47SLge D1292400091
1947-48SLge D1311600010
1948-49SLge D1362100040
1949-50SLge D1300300020
1950-51Div 3 (S)420400000
1951-52Div 3 (S)420200000
1952-53Div 3 (S)462300000
1953-54Div 3 (S)421100000
1954-55Div 3 (S)450300000
1955-56Div 3 (S)442200000
1956-57Div 3 (S)411300000
1957-58Div 3 (S)400400000
All games in 1943-44 were friendlies and are not included in the totals